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The Nevada Association of School Administrators (NASA)

NASA is Nevada's professional organization for all PreK-12 educators and collegial level educators - representing all public, charter, private and parochial schools! Any educator can become a NASA Member and enjoy the membership benefits!

NASA is not a union or a collective bargaining organization.


NASA is an organization committed to the following goals:

  • To offer affordable, high quality professional learning opportunities for all educators so they can be highly effective in their service to Nevada’s children by:

    • Supporting educators with meeting State Licensure requirements by offering a variety of customized professional learning opportunities.

    • Assisting teachers with learning classroom management techniques that will enhance the teaching and learning environment.

    • Assisting educators with learning new techniques and theories of modern 21st Century learning, inclusive of social justice and social-emotional learning that will improve student outcomes, and teacher engagement.

    • Providing professional learning opportunities for administrators, and support professionals to learn new skills and techniques to increase student engagement and academic growth. 

    • Increasing student learning and outcomes by providing professional learning sessions that will lead to more engaged students, lower dropout rates, and overall improvement in school performance.

    • Assisting schools and school districts to meet their long-term goals in terms of student performance and outcomes. 


  • To advocate for ALL educators on a statewide and national basis to ensure educational time allotted for teaching and learning is protected for ALL educators!

  • To advocate for ALL educators on a statewide and national basis to ensure autonomy, with strong central accountability, remain closest to where the collaborative solutions rest – the teaching and learning environment.

NASA’s Philosophy of Professional Learning: Quality teaching and learning depends on a knowledgeable and effective teacher in every classroom. Professional development learning opportunities is no longer viewed as something that is only necessary for teachers. It is recognized that everyone who affects student learning, from the Board of Education, district administration, teachers, support professional staff, to the parents and community, must continually improve their knowledge and skills to ensure student learning.

Mission: NASA provides continuous professional learning opportunities that will enhance the knowledge and skills of educators with high-quality, accessible training. We are dedicated to supporting the educational community and being a strategic partner to maximize student growth, achievement, and an equitable educational environment for every child.. 

The Professional Learning Opportunities provided via NASA describes professional development that: 

  • Is aligned with State content and student performance standards; 

  • Is articulated within and across grade levels; 

  • Is meaningful and sustained; 

  • Indicates opportunities for each educator in their perspective District; 

  • Reflects congruence between student/teacher needs and District goals/objectives.

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