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VIP Benefits Valid for One Years

(The VIP partnership includes more high-profile benefits than the annual  Diamond Partnership)! 

Complimentary attendance for one (1) member of your organization to attend all NASA Sponsored  events during the duration of your VIP Partnership.  

These include: 

• Two (2) – four (4) NASA Aspiring and Promotional Administrators’ Workshops (Las Vegas and  Reno) 

• Two (2) Law Workshops (Las Vegas and Reno) 

• Participation in the NASA Center for Educational Excellence (6-8 sessions with a cohort of  educators throughout Nevada & held in Las Vegas and Reno, should NDE renew) • Two (2) State-wide conferences (Las Vegas & Lake Tahoe) 

• An invitation to make a brief introduction to the audience at each of the aforementioned events • An invitation to conduct a breakout presentation at the state-wide conference(s) during the  duration of your VIP Sponsorship 

• All other “Silver, Gold and Diamond Sponsorship” provisions

• Free attendance for two persons to exhibit at the NASA conference(s) - consisting of a  conference table, drape, two chairs, and a wastebasket 

• Written recognition in the printed conference program including company logo, company  selected representative(s) picture, and contact information 

• Inclusion in the NASA Newsletter (8-10 editions per year), which may include company logo,  company selected representative(s) contact information & picture(s), and up to 250 word  description (provided by the sponsor) 

• Logo and brief description of company on NASA’s website linking to your website (logo and  descriptive paragraph provided by the Sponsor) 


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